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Tutorials & Reference Center!

Welcome to the Levittown Public Schools Tutorials and Reference Center.

Remote Learning Resources For Parents and Students (Google)

00.Google Classroom for Parents (Spanish).pdf00.Google Classroom for Parents (Spanish)
00.Google Classroom for Parents.pdf00.Google Classroom for Parents
01. Login Google Classroom and Google Meet.mp401. Login Google Classroom and Google Meet
01b. Google Classroom Parent Workshop.mp401b. Google Classroom Parent Workshop
02. Google Classroom Login and Join Google Meet.pdf02. Google Classroom Login and Join Google Meet
03. Parents Guide to Google Classroom.pdf03. Parents Guide to Google Classroom
04. Google Classroom Student Guide.pdf04. Google Classroom Student Guide
05. Google Classroom Student Login.pdf05. Google Classroom Student Login
06. Google Meet Student Login.pdf06. Google Meet Student Login
07. Google Meet Reference Guide.pdf07. Google Meet Reference Guide
08. Google Drive Navigation.pdf08. Google Drive Navigation
09. Google Drive Reference Guide.pdf09. Google Drive Reference Guide
10. Google Drive Uploading from H-Drive.pdf10. Google Drive Uploading from H-Drive
11. Google Gmail Reference Guide.pdf11. Google Gmail Reference Guide
12. Google Docs Reference Guide.pdf12. Google Docs Reference Guide
13. Google Slides Reference Guide.pdf13. Google Slides Reference Guide
14. Google Forms Reference Guide.pdf14. Google Forms Reference Guide
15. Google Sheets Reference Guide.pdf15. Google Sheets Reference Guide
16. Google Terms Glossary.pdf16. Google Terms Glossary
17. Where To Find Your Google Meets Link.webm17. Where To Find Your Google Meets Link

Please Note: Tutorials are posted in .pdf format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or FoxIT Reader to view them.